Hotel Portanuova Assisi

Seductive flavors and aromas, excellent food and wine!

A delicious breakfast of homemade,

farm to fork  products and   a typical dinner  to experiment and share local dishes  wisely interpreted and combined. Meats from breedings of the  Umbrian and Tuscan areas, cold-pressed olive oil from the Umbrian olive groves , homemade fresh pasta , a careful selection of cured meats and artisanal cheeses. And yet with  porcini mushrooms, black truffle from Norcia …

Not only the ‘medieval Umbria, the mystical Umbria of  St. Francis and St. Clare, the ancient Etruscan and Roman  Umbria , Umbria is also simple and sincere, reserved but cordial  people, it is Umbria of  unmistakable scents, the Umbria of the ancient recipes and flavors.
Meet the territory at the table! Stay at the Hotel Porta Nuova and savor our best local dishes …it will be a wonderful experience!

Our offer, in premium rate, includes:

Rooms equipped with all comforts and arranged with care and taste

Breakfast with sweet and savory delicacies, typical food, yogurt, fresh / dried fruit, juices, homemade cakes, coffee and more and more…

Private Parking at the hotel included

-The first equipment minibar in the room included

Contact us for full details! Writing to, or calling 075.812405