Hotel Portanuova Assisi

Safe Holidays 2024

Welcome to Assisi! Welcome to Hotel Porta Nuova

Holidays 2022, we take care of you. We’ve been doing it forever and even more so in this particular time.

Everyone’s commitment for the good of all.

Here at the Hotel Porta Nuova:

Continuous sanification

Anyone who has already been here with us knows that safety has always been a priority for us. Attention to detail and cleanliness are the first thing we check every day. Today, for your holiday, we want to be even more careful. 

We use microfibre because it retains 99% of bacteria and is washable at very high temperatures.

To dust and sanitize the hard surfaces of the rooms and bathrooms we use chlorine and alcohol- based detergents, that give us a guarantee of safety against viruses and bacteria.

We pay particular attention to the most “delicate” points of the room, that are the remote control (that we will provide you with appropriately covered with the sanitizable film), the toilet flush button, the handles of the doors and windows, but also of the wardrobes and showers.

We also disinfect all switches and telephones every day, for a perfect hygiene.

Once finished cleaning the room, we put the set of sponges and rags in the special washing net and take a clean one to take care of the next room.

We decided to eliminate the room directory and other paper materials from the desks and tables in the room, because they are very subject to manipulation and hard to sanitize.

To access the instructions for air conditioning, TV, and all useful information, you can call us on +39 075.812405, or use the chat on our site, the operator at the reception will always be at your disposal.

In the common areas

At the Hotel Porta Nuova hands are always disinfected in the common areas!

Here you find dispensers filled with hand sanitizer in all strategic points, for example the ground floor toilet, the entrance, each floor, bar and breakfast room. Cleaning your hands often will be easy, wherever you are.
We disinfect several timea a day handles and switches.

We are also very careful at the bar! Our cups, saucers and glasses are safe because dishwashers wash at high temperatures and with specific detergents. At the same time, upon request, we can serve you in single-use containers.
You will notice our cleaning staff more often than usual in the common areas, because we have intensified the attention in the areas that are used the most.
We strive every day to guarantee our guests, staff and ourselves a safe place. This means inserting new and increasingly effective cleaning protocols.
To know them in detail you can ask us, with pleasure we inform you about all the attentions we adopt for a carefree holiday, only made of smiles!