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Special offers Umbria 7 nights- Your holiday in Assisi and in Umbria

Hotel Porta Nuova Assisi An authentic beauty ritual for free, organic beauty products from Spello. An extra opportunity to relax to enjoy during your stay and to pack in your suitcase! Seven days with us and you can discover and enjoy a genuine corner of Italy. You can visit small ancient[…]

Craft Beers

Umbria has been a brewer’s land for ten years. Despite not having a historical brand, our region has several breweries that stand out for a fine and quality production. In Umbria also operates the first and only research center on beer in Italy, the CERB – Center of excellence for[…]


Umbria is closely linked to the confectionery company that wanted to bind its product so strongly to the territory, “La Perugina”, and that gave birth to some mythical products, known by all generations of Italians … how to forget a ” Bacio“ once tasted? Still today, Umbria offers to chocolate[…]

Food and Wine -Cheese

Umbria cheese is a quality, reliable and tasty gastronomic product that focuses on the secure strength of tradition. After all, it has existed since the dawn of time. But to truly appreciate it, you need the patience to go and look for it, among roads, hills and panoramas that take[…]

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Food and Wine in Umbria

The experts of good living and good food  will always find oil mills in full swing all around Umbria, the small medieval villages, often outside the usual tourist routes, squares, their palaces, theaters, olive groves, farms, farmhouses, trattorias. If you come for the first time or coming back, in Umbria[…]

On foot

If you like walking, we organise day trips on foot along the 20 paths of the overhead Subasio Mount, the Assisi National park, which was created as a natural reserve, but has become a symbol of history and traditions. The ancient aqueduct, the Saint Francis Way (via Francigena) and the[…]

By bike

If you like cycling holidays, whether you are an expert or an amateur, in good shape or a beginner, come with your bike and you will have a place to park it! But you can also rent it: the important thing is to enjoy unique experiences, such as the itinerary[…]

By vespa

Another way to discover Umbria’s secret corners, and easily widen your exploration, is a tour by Vespa. It is a good way to discover not only monuments and works of art, but also people, traditions, scents and flavours. You may rent a Vespa and go on your own, but a[…]

Taste Experience

Discover all the secrets of the flavours and scents of wine! The art of viticulture will amaze you and, along with other amateur winemakers, you will discover the world behind a glass of wine. We arrange wine tasting in a local winery where you can taste both white and red[…]

Wellness experience

During your stay, you can experience a real re-birth of your body and senses in the nearby Assisi Relais &SPA Museum, which was built over the remains of the ancient Monastery of Saint Catherine. In this enchanted place, you can relax along the “Nun Path” (Tepidarium, Calidarium, Sudatorium, Frigidarium), with[…]

Spiritual experience

If you still have not found the quiet that you are looking for, you should look inside you. With its silence and its places of worship, Assisi can help you feel the beat of your heart and the desires in your soul. We recommend the Lauds at 7 a.m. in[…]


Hotel Portanuova has ample parking, surrounded by a small garden.

Relaxing veranda and terrace

Portanuova Hotel is in the heart of Assisi on our terrace you can relax while enjoying unique and relaxing. The green hills of Umbria will offer you unique moments of relaxation.

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Special Offers – special midweek

Special offers midweek Hotel Porta Nuova Assisi Umbria is perfect in every season. Aand Assisi is perfect to get rid of tension and stress and start to enjoy your holiday surrounded by picturesque landscapes and a great artistic heritage, archaeological and historical. Countless are also the nearby towns of Assisi be[…]

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Special Offer under 30 – over 60

 Special offer under 30 and over 60 For those aged 60 and up to 30 years old, Hotel Porta Nuova reserve a 5% discount, starting from three nights of stay Looking for a hotel in Assisi, in a convenient central location, accessible by car and with private parking, Hotel Porta[…]

Special offers -Birthday in Assisi!

Hotel Porta Nuova Assisi Your birthday or  birthday of a person you love in Assisi? The staff of Hotel Porta Nuova welcomes you with a delicious surprise! With a minimum stay of 3 nights, you can have the birthday cake! There is a dessert with a personalized greeting to celebrate with joy in[…]