Hotel Portanuova Assisi

Spiritual experience

If you still have not found the quiet that you are looking for, you should look inside you.

With its silence and its places of worship, Assisi can help you feel the beat of your heart and the desires in your soul 다운로드.

We recommend the Lauds at 7 a.m. in the small Church of San Damiano, a 10 minutes’ walk from our hotel, or a visit to the Eremo delle Carceri on the Subasio Mount, where woods of holm oaks and hidden caves were the ideal place for the spiritual retreat of Saint Francis and His disciples 다운로드.

Don’t forget to visit the Monastery of San Masseo, a Benedictine temple which now belongs to the Community of Bose 다운로드. A traveller wrote about it: “…it is incredible. The intensity and beauty of this place are almost as important as the spiritual atmosphere that you can breathe everywhere…”

Of course, we don’t have any offer for it 하이 웍스 메신저 다운로드. We just hope you will find your way!